It’s On Us


The story Barack Obama has told over the past couple years has been a very different one than many of us thought we would hear when we voted for him in 2008.  Where did this gap come from, and what can we do to get the Obama of “Yes we can!” back?

Psychologist and author Drew Westen offers several answers in a recent New York Times piece.  I have one to add.

We, as a progressive movement, need to give the President a consistent story worth telling.  It is on us to show the President the single story of our movement so that he can represent us.  It is up to us to show that we are united by values, and most important, that they are the values of most Americans today.

When the stakes are this high, our voices become critical.  But that doesn’t mean we become a nation of critics.

Voices that sing together send a much louder and more resonant message than voices yelling at one another.

The President cannot tell our story unless he understands it inside and out. That makes our task to find the story that unites us and sing it together until no one can get it out of their head.

Dan Rather says, “I think our history shows that if we don’t get leadership soon, we the people will demand it ourselves.” is beginning to do this. It is an organization attempting to put the focus of the government back where it should be, on the people.  They are fighting back against those who want to take away support, equality and opportunity from Americans.  Their story is clear, concise, and value based, and because of this, their membership is growing faster than the Tea Party did at a similar point.

Guenther Media is continuing to work with the Progress Alliance and others to define our progressive story and deliver it in a way that helps us all get to a better place.

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